• RAZORBACK IR UTV Belt Temp Gauge


    The All New Razorback Technology Belt Temperature Gauge.  Get Real-Time infrared belt temperature information and warnings on this patent pending* Belt Temp Gauge.  Used by GForce Racing to get the most accurate belt temperature readings to our drivers in both testing and racing.

  • High Contrast Super Bright OLED Display
  • Scratch resistant polycarbonate, Anti-Glare screen - Perfect to read in the Sunlight
  • Beautiful brushed stainless faceplate with the Razorback Logo
  • Aluminum and Steel Design
  • Braided durable wiring
  • Water Resistant Gauge, Waterproof Sensor
  • Alerts you when your belt is running too hot with a mild or extreme screen flash depending on temperature
  • Fits 2-1/16'' Gauge clusters and pods
  • Easy install with 1/2" hole drilled into the exhaust duct flange 3.5" from top lip down back seam and easy electrical hook up. laser reading is directly on belt at this location