• XP1000/1000s/900s Slide Guide/Belt Deflector (U.S Free Shipping)


    ***This Product is designated a Race Product and carries No Warranty against damage to product from Belt breakage. It does carry a Life Time Material workmanship and Product Wear warranty. The product has proven itself and works great, we have no control over other clutch factors, or installation factors, so please call us for any help. This product will prolong the life of your belt in your CVT clutch system and prevent damage to the belt from the exhaust duct port. The Slide Guide cannot give any belt unlimited use and miles because of the nature of belt materials and heat the belt is exposed to. For longevity and use With the Slide Guide installed, frequent cleaning and inspection of the clutch system, Belt and attention to worn parts from heat must be taken into consideration of the clutch components. Per most Belt manufactures, a new belt should last at least 500 miles of driving, less in aggressive race conditions. Belts last longer depending on the driver and driving conditions as well as clutching set up. We have no control over these factors, which is up to the customer to make sure is correct. With this product in place, clutch heat controlled and monitored, your belt can give you many hours of trouble free issues.  

    The GForce Racing Slide Guide/Belt Deflector was developed in partnership with Desert Craft, utilizing their vast knowledge of materials and other products. Products are also coming available soon for the new 16 RZR Turbo. Since the beginning our race team was breaking and damaging many belts in the xp1000 since its release of the 2014 models. As many have, we all have searched for the fix to stop our races and rides from being short from belt breakages or issues.  Different belts, different clutch tuning and adding fans to name a few ways. Finally, we figured out the causes of belt damage and frictional heat being created in the xp1000, and along the way also found some of the best people and products they offer in the industry to help us along. The inner cover clutch exhaust port edge can damage the belt from the belt slapping, after wide open throttle and the belt is drawn back up out of the secondary clutch, as you can see some previous damage to a stock inner cover from a aggressive racer in pic #4. Some may never have a issue, dependent of driving style and aggressiveness, others, will break belts every time they get in the buggy as our team drivers did. Controlling belt damage and secondly heat, you create a winning package with the RZR 

    The Slide Guide specific material type, wear, and heat properties has shown an average 15-30 degree belt temp drop from less friction alone, as well as preventing any broken belts in testing so far. The last test results were documented as 3 different type races, TT, XC, GP all equaling a total of 150 miles of aggressive driving using the same Slide Guide/Belt Deflector and belt, with no belt damage or issues.

    We highly recommend a new belt be used with install, as well as the clutch alignment distance be checked at 10 1/2" center to center on the primary and secondary shafts. Belts have a life span, like any wear item, and getting the life out of the belt can be achieved with attention to the clutch alignment and cleanliness with this product.

    *Product Ships FREE in the United States, USPS International Rates Apply to all other Countries(Please Call) 

    *Packaged with All Hardware and Instructions

    *Estimated install Time 30 Minutes - 1 Hour (Requires Clutch and Inner clutch cover removal)